Love is a power that guides us through life as we learn how to use it. It not only helps us find loving relationships within our families and friends but also to deal with the many things that trouble us in a world that often seems full of hate, misery and suffering. Working at feeling love for the people we experience as enemies and/or hurtful, for our poor health, for our bad luck, for anything else that’s negative in our lives causes those issues to gradually ease and possibly eventually disappear from our lives over time. Because we live in a hateful world, it takes time for our love to cause the negative issues in our lives to diminish; and thus needs us to take seriously the usual platitudes of ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, ‘Patience is a virtue’ and so on to help us persevere.

We can also be helped by experimenting with starting an internal conversation with whatever is present when we meditate. In essence, it’s a form of active meditation where we learn to speak to ‘it’ without knowing, or needing to know what it is we’re holding the conversation with. Many valuable insights can be gained in this way and it doesn’t seem to matter that we don’t understand what or who we’re having the internal conversation with: it could be what is sometimes referred to as our ‘real selves’, or our own internal wisdom, or wisdom held in the hearts and minds of everyone living on earth at any one time, or wisdom from a discarnate source. Who knows? Whenever I ask, I’m told that it’s not knowledge we need to have; just be content to receive and act on the information given, if we feel confident enough to do that.

We don’t need to understand what is meant by ‘Love’. Whatever we feel when we fall in love is a helpful feeling. If we can’t bring ourselves to this level of feeling for the issues that we either hate or which trouble us, then just saying the word is a helpful start which builds into a true feeling of love over time.