I’ve always seen God as a constant presence in our lives, like a friend who’s always there for us. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves questioning why certain things happen in the world, like wars, famines, and poverty. It’s understandable to have those thoughts, especially with all the negative news we hear from the media.

But you know what? I think one thing we need to remember is that we live in a free-will society, just as our Creator intended. God is always there, listening to us without interfering with our choices. We’re free to make our own mistakes and learn from them, with occasional comments but never any criticism of our chosen path.

One concept that’s a little hard to grasp is that God is One, yet contains counterparts of itself without losing any of its abilities. Each counterpart speaks to us with the authority of the One, which is why we describe God as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent. It’s amazing to think that God is available to talk to each and every one of us, no matter how many billions of people seek God as a friend.

I’m sure you’ve had those “instinctive feelings” or “gut feelings” in your life, right? I know I have. Over time, we learn to trust those feelings, because they often lead us to make better decisions. Some people say these feelings come from the gut or the heart, but for me, I believe they come from the heart. I think the heart is where we experience God.

And you know what else? There’s also this quiet, still voice that sometimes emerges from within us. I wonder if that could be God communicating with us. It’s like a gentle voice that encourages us to keep going and to accept that God is always present in our lives. Even when we face challenges that seem insurmountable, this quiet, still voice reminds us to trust and keep moving forward. Just being aware of this voice provides the encouragement we need.

One issue that has puzzled me for much of my life is why so many of us believe that we are only given one life on this vast planet in an ever-expanding universe. It seems to me that we are on a continuous journey of self-discovery, experiencing different lives with different circumstances; and that we live more than once. This journey is best played out in a material environment (such as Earth rather than in Heaven) where we mix with other humans who are on the same journey.

I’m adding this paragraph several weeks after, as I thought, completing what was intended to be my next blog. I thought it needed time to mature, before publication, and perhaps I’ve now found the reason for this hesitation. It will seem an outlandish statement for me to claim that recognising God as an ever-present friend gives us an opportunity to ask for help with self-healing.

I sense that contemplating self-healing as a possibility seems outlandish to many of you reading this; and, perhaps, comes from my late-life qualification as a registered craniosacral therapist who ran a successful Practice for many years.

Also, do not be tempted to see this either as a reason for not attempting to see a Doctor, or for discontinuing any treatment prescribed by your Doctor. None of what follows should be used as an excuse for avoiding medical treatment or for discontinuing prescribed treatments.

But you know, you do not need healing qualifications to ask your new friend, God, for help with self-healing. Please bear in mind that this is not a one-time fix and that you’ll need to repeat this process several times until you really begin to feel much better. You need time and a quiet space like your bedroom to try this out.

Lay down on your back and breath quietly, deeply, and gently until you feel more relaxed and soporific. If you practice meditation or find that prayer gives you a sense of peace, then both of these will help you become more relaxed.

Tell God that you’d like his help in achieving self-healing and continue to meditate or pray while you do this. Wait patiently and contemplatively until you gradually experience one of a number of different types of experiences. You may sense that you’re being told that each treatment will provide you with exactly what you need on that day.

One such experience may be that you’ll gradually feel a gentle wind blowing over you and through you. This helps you relax even more. When the breath stops, you may be encouraged to continue relaxing and waiting and, at some point, you’ll feel the breath again. Once the breath stops, allow yourself time to gradually emerge from whatever soporific state you’re now in, before rising from your supine position.

Another experience may be feeling that a very gentle flow or vibration is moving through your body. When this sense of something flowing through you ends, continue waiting until the flow either happens again or it becomes quite clear to you that the treatment is finished.

Or it could be the sense of a river gently flowing through every cell of your body as it cleanses whatever it finds. Sometimes this is accompanied by a gentle breeze. Please try it for yourself and see whether your experience mirrors mine.

So, in conclusion, I choose to believe that God is always present in our lives, as a guiding force, a friend who listens without interfering, and a quiet, still voice that encourages us to trust and keep moving forward. There may be questions and mysteries that we can’t fully comprehend, but we can choose to embrace the belief in a loving and ever-present God.